Subject Re: [ib-support] Connection error
Author Dominik Murk
>From: "Claudio Valderrama C." <cvalde@...>
> Try the TCP protocol to the same machine. Then the engine may be able to
> detect dead applications:
> localhost:c:/path/db.gdb

Now I have some more information about problem.
Server: MS Windows 2000 Server
DB server: Firebird WI-T1.0.0.338 Beta2
Database: Dialect 1
Error: ISC ERROR CODE 335544373, Operating system directive
CreateFile failed, unknown Win32 error 1224.
When I have dead client application on the server I get this error message,
no mather on witch database I try to connect.
Every time I try connect with TCP protocol like server:c:\database.gdb, I
get this error. Then, when I try co connect
with NETBEUI like \\server\c:\database.gdb, first time I get the same error,
BUT SECOND time connection is succesfull.

So, problem is not local path for database (becouse I don't use local path
and I cant't connect to any database), problem is probably
gds32.dll in memory (or something like that). Any idea how to deal with this
(except restarting server, it's 24x7 server) ?


Dominik Murk