Subject Re: [ib-support] Backup error - Connection lost to database
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
"Joe Martinez" <joe@...> wrote in message
> I have a customer who is having a problem backing up their database. It
> works fine sometimes, and other times, it fails.
> She is using FB 0.9.4, and using IBConsole to back up. She is doing
> this on the local server, NOT over the network.

First, there have been "a couple" of betas or candidates after 0.94. Second,
don't use IBConsole, it's a pig. Use the command-line gbak. Gbak by default
doesn't use the Services API. With IBConsole, the work is done by the engine
in a thread. If the thread fails, the engine dies. Gbak instead does the
work itself. Since the engine and gbak share the backup code, if gbak dies,
it's easier to troubleshoot. Try the -v option to know where it's able to go
before crashing.
Gbak has been revisited several times after 0.94.

> The backup starts, and the text indicates that it's backing up fine.
> Then, all of a sudden, in the middle of the backup, it stops, and an
> error box comes up that says, "Connection lost to database". That's all
> it says. "Ok" is the only option. If she clicks "Ok", it all just
> aborts, and goes back to the backup options screen.

Are you always doing only backups or have you restored the db from that
backup? The reason is that the db may be already corrupt, have you checked
it for consistency?

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