Subject RE: [ib-support] Firebird installation question...
Author Achim Kalwa
Helen wrote:

> Achim,
> That was quick! Some comments...
> 1. The 'Apply' button is confusing. Is there any reason to have
> it there?

Yes, it is something incomplete. Doug Chamberlin sent me some changes, I
will apply them soon.

> 2. 'OK' not 'Ok' on the 'OK' button.

Fixed ;-)

> 3. There is no sign of the field for reconfiguring the Firebird
> root path.

You are right. The simple reason: I didn't understand what this entry is
for! Please explain in some words.

> 4. No reason to include Win95/98/ME in the caption for the 'Run as
> application' field as, for these platforms, there is no choice. If it's
> intended for the applet to be available on these plats, the
> "Service" stuff
> should be invisible. Is that the case? (I can't test it).

The "service stuff" is visible, but disabled for Win9x. I'll remove the
Win9x-Stuff from caption.

> 5. The applet should probably read and obey the Guardian settings. I
> noticed that, on restarting, it started only the server, not the Guardian
> (although it did STOP the Guardian).

Is the guardian still in use? As I understand release notes, the guardian is
no longer supported by Firebird (correct me if I am wrong).

New fixed upload will follow tomorrow evening (GMT)