Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: FB 1 and INSERT INTO
Author Paul Schmidt
On 15 Mar 2002 at 2:02, regmia wrote:

> This ability has to stay if Firebird is going to progress to
> accessing multiple databases from a single statement.
> ex. insert into database2.table1 (database2.table1.field1,
> database2.table1.field2,...)VALUES(...)
> At least this is how SQL Server does it.

#pragma prayer_mode_on

Oh Lord save us from the idiots who designed SQL Server.

#pragma prayer_mode_off

How about checking the standard on this one, does the standard allow for selecting
which database your updating. If the standard says nothing then prepending the
database name onto the table name with a dot as a separator seems in line with the
way other things are done. So,


seems reasonable, however we don't have to follow M$ on everything.

TABLE1.FIELD1 violates the standard, it just happened to be that IB didn't mind,
and there was a big bug in this process. The bug is gone, and the feature may go
with it, in the future.....

PaulPaul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies