Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird installation question...
Author Daniel Rail
At 14/03/2002 09:33 PM, you wrote:
>Ok. For some reason Borland mangled their our tool names. IB4 & IB5's Server
>Manager is gone. We got IBConsole (and a carnival of bugs that render the
>tool more dangerous than a mined field). The thing you refer is InterBase
>Service Manager, but was labelled incorrectly IB Server Manager and confused
>half of the IB5 developers. That's a Delphi application (as if it's not
>enough with VC++, Cygwin, BCB and other dev tools) and the source wasn't
>opened. A person was doing it from scratch for Firebird, but didn't have
>time to finish it for v1 release.

Thank you for your reply and explanation.

Just let us know when you hear that it's ready.

Thanks again.

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