Subject RE: [ib-support] object is in use
Author Andy Goodchild
Thanks for the replies. I have been on client site sorting out the said
issue, hence the delay in response.
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Valderrama C. wrote.....
- You do a hard, explicit COMMIT. Autocommit and commit retaining don't
work. Most of the time a hard commit works.
We are currently doing an explicit COMMIT after each statement.
- You play safe and detach. If there's no other attachment, this action
ensures the engine itself unloads the db from memory and frees the file
handles associated with it. Next time you connect, your metadata change
should succeed immediately.
- we have also tried this in the past but to no avail.
- The only thing that works without fail is to Distribute a blank database
with the new strurcture and datapump the data from the old db. As you can
imagine this is not really our preferred option.
- Based upon your comments I reckon that the problem lies with some bug in
our code and I will have a further look at it.
A salute to a courageous person that still uses the Borland Database Enema.
- Problems of legacy code I am afraid. We have a new product due to ship
that replaces the old one ( not using BDE) and it does not seem worth the
effort at this stage. But who knows it might be worth it.

Many thanks again for all the help and support that this list provides
especially those of you who seem to do all the answers.
Andy Goodchild