Subject Re: [ib-support] FB 1.0 Final Classic or SuperServer ?
Author Pavel Cisar

On 13 Mar 2002, at 20:04, geraldo_ls wrote:

> Regarding stability, wich one should I use ? The old rule "Classic is
> more tested" still apply ?

Depends on your criteria. Because Classic use a process for each
client, then client can't take down other clients. But both are stable
quite enough for 7x24 so you should rather decide on your other
needs (scalability, performance etc.).

> Does FB Classic has support to 64 bits I/O ?
> I'm asking because I didn't found the CS binary with 64 bits I/O.

No, there is not 64-bit I/O Classic due to technical (still unresolved)

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Pavel Cisar
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