Subject Re: [ib-support] Questions about Firebird's API
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 04:50 PM 3/13/2002 -0300, C R Zamana wrote:

> That's ok about commit or rollback. What I'm asking
>is about the "call sequence" regards to the functions
>isc_dsql_free_statment() and isc_commit_transaction(),
>for example. Which is the correct sequence?
> I'm asking because I'm in trouble with memory
>leaking problems. Anyway, after some tests, it seems that
>the problem is in the "prepare" section of my process, e.g.,
>when I need to allocate the XSQLDA structure.

Where are you seeing a memory leak, in your client app,
in the gds32 client library, or in the server?


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