Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: duplicate key problem
Author Sivaraman Krishnan
Hello Helmut,

I am also facing the same kind of problem.Daily we are taking backup
, but if the duplicate comes, i couldn't restore the there is
no meaning of backup now.If our customers server crashes also, we can not
restore the backup.It is a very big problem for us.So can you tell me how
to reproduce the same error and we will also try to solve the samething.By
the time if you find the solution please inform to me .It will be
very helpful for me.

Software Associates Information Technologies,

At 09:09 PM 22/12/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>Hello Paul,
>I was able to produce Testdata, which lead to the error we are working
>Please tell me where I cann send the Data. It is a ZIP File with less
>than 900kB.
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