Subject Re: [ib-support] External tables and null values
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)
I would use a delta database, i.e. a database with the same structure
without indices, triggers and procedures. Then use replication (we use our
own), to populate the delta database, then zip this up, put it on CD, unzip
it at the other end and replicate into the main database.

If this sounds like a plan, you will need to add some tables and triggers to
work out which rows have changed. How frequently do you do the update, how
large is the whole DB and what % of it changes (by size) from one update to
the next?

I've done this before, + or - complexity for lots of clients. We have even
run overnight replication over telephone lines before now, it is surprising
how much data you can synchronize overnight.

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"Milan Babuskov" <milanb@...> wrote in message
> benno wrote:
> > Just a suggestion, but why don't you simply backup and restore, using a
> > as a carrier? You could even automate it using a bat file and gbak I
> I don't need the whole database, just the difference since last data
> transfer.
> I also need to add the data to main database, but only to add. The main
> database is filled with new data on main site, so I cannot just restore
> over it.
> Milan.
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