Subject Re: [ib-support] External tables and null values
Author Milan Babuskov
Helen Borrie wrote:
> If you inspect the external table, do you see 18 zeroes or 18 blanks? or a
> mixture?

Zero (hex 00) values. The problem is that the engine treats the zero
values same as the null value.

> If it's a regular thing you have to do, use a multi-database
> transaction and write a stored proc that takes the values from a select
> query on one as inputs to an insert on the other.

There's the problem. I cannot reach both servers at the same time... one
of the servers is off-site without any fast connection, and there is a
lot of data, so the solution is to export the tables, pack all with zip
(or something like that) and carry to main site (on a weekly basis). And
then unpack, and import into main database.

Thanx for your reply. More and more I look at it, I will have to use
special tool for this... I thought about it earlier, but external tables
seemed like a better/more robust solution. So I'll keep up with my
fbexport project and use it for this anyway.


Milan Babuskov