Subject Re: [ib-support] External tables and null values
Author Milan Babuskov
Lauri Zoova wrote:
> Milan Babuskov wrote:
>>I'm trying to copy data from one database to the other via external
>>tables. I have problem with null values.
>>I first insert rows from source database to external table. Then I try
>>to insert from external table to destination database, but all NULL
>>values are converted:
> Are you moving data out of ib/fb or into?
> What is the other database?
> Why do you have a temp table?
> How exactly are you doing it?

I have two databases (Firebird 1.0).

I'm moving data from first (source) database to external file.

After that I'm importing that external file to other (destination) database.

I have a temp table since data has to be transfered with ZIP-drive and
taken to another place, so I can't use any visual data-pump software.