Subject Re: [ib-support] Connecting to server with Delphi
Author Pete Clark
In message <>, Helen
Borrie <helebor@...> writes
>At 03:32 PM 19-12-02 +0100, you wrote:
>>I am using Delphi6 and TIBDatabase1 to connect to Firebird. When I run
>>it locally, there is no problem. I now want to connect to Firebird on
>>the server.
>>I have set the correct path for the database (don't know why, but I
>>expected it to be more complicated!). But when I run the program from a
>>user test client computer, I get the error message "cannot attach to
>>password database".
>That's because the client can't find the server. You need to
>1. set up a TCP/IP host entry in the remote clients HOSTS file, pointing
>to the IP address of the server, e.g.
> testserver
>You'll find HOSTS in c:\Windows. If it's not there, create one by copying
>the sample file hosts.SAM and renaming to HOSTS (no suffix).

I wasn't quite clear whether I should be using hosts.sam or hosts - so I
did both.

>2. use the server name in the connect string, e.g.

That's what I have.

>>On the development client computer, with full installation of Delphi,
>>Interbase, Firebird, etc., there is no problem about connecting. But all
>>I have done with the user test client machine (W98) is to copy gds32.dll
>>to C:/Windows/System. What else is required?
>That's not enough.
>Run the installation program on the client, choosing "Client-only
>install". Some registry entries are required, which will be written there
>by the installation program.

Yes, I didn't notice that the Firebird Install had "Minimum Client
Install" - not quite what you wrote, but seems to be what you meant.

But I did all of the above, and still get the same error message... (:-<

Firebird is running on the server, I can see it working on two programs
which work locally. Any further suggestions?


Pete Clark