Subject Re: [ib-support] KDevelop and FireBird
Author Milan Babuskov
Sujan Sreenath wrote:
> Hello
> Anybody doing development using KDevelop IDE (C++) and Firebird. What are the libraries, tools required to connect KDevelop and Firebird?
> I am planning an application with Firebird as backend on Linux, but have not decided on the Frontend. Anybody can recommend a good development environment apart from Kylix. It is basically a Client/Server software that will run on KDE/Linux.
> Sujan

AFAIK, the aren't any kylix-like tools for this. You can use IBPP C++
library, which compiles great under linux, and write some classes for
visual manipulation of data.

This may take a lot of your time though. I plan to start an Open Source
project to make something like this, but I'm currently too busy to start
with it.


Milan Babuskov.