Subject Re: [ib-support] temporarily file management
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:43 AM 19-12-02 +0000, you wrote:
>i am using the firebird version W1-V6.2.794 under win98 platform, i
>had add 5 table and i execute a sql which uses 4 inner join to have
>all these table joined should give the result of 5,000,000 records.
>while i am trying to execute the sql i have the following error :-
>'I/O error for file 'window\temp\ib_sort_h68771' error while trying
>to write to file the device does not recognize the command sort
>i suspected the temp file generated while executing the sql had
>exceed the file size of temp folder since there are window message
>prompt out to claim the space on C:\ drive is full, but i still have
>50.8Mb C:\ and i tried the
>following solution:
>1.i tried on editing the 'ibconfig' text file to add the 'temp'
>folder using
>a. tmp_directory 10000000 d:\temp

This would work

>b.#tmp_directory 10000000 d:\temp ( since every statement started
>with # in 'ibconfig' text file)

This would not work. The # sign is a comment marker - it has the same
effect in the config file as REM has in a batch file.

>2.i tried to cleanup the temp folder
>3.set the virtual memory to path D:\ where still have 3524Mb / 3.4 Gb

Sort files won't go into your system's pag space

>i failed to solved the problem using above solution , anything i miss
>out or gone wrong...?

You didn't mention whether you rebooted the system after reconfiguring the
sort space. It's not clear from your remarks, whether your config file had
1a. or 1b. If it was 1a., you didn't change anything.

Also, 10 million bytes is *very* unlikely to be close to large enough sort
space for a 5-way join that outputs 5 million rows.

What ON EARTH are you going to with 5 million output rows on a toy
operating system?