Subject Re: [ib-support] Installation problems in Firebird for Linux
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:45 AM 16-12-02 +0000, you wrote:
>Thank You all for the replies.
>I tried all your suggestions in this order:
>1. ps xa |grep ib does show that ibserver is running
>2. ISQL provides the following help information, I reproduce below what is
>shown on the screen:
>[sujan@localhost bin]$ isql
>* unixODBC - isql *
>* Syntax
>* isql DSN [UID [PWD]] [options]
>* Options
>* -b Batch. No prompting etc
>* -dx Delimit cols with x
>* -w Wrap results in an HTML table
>* -v Verbose
>*etc. etc. ********************************
>How do i create a DSN? Is it some kind of ODBC DSN?
>3. when I run ISQL, I dont get the SQL> prompt, it just dumps me back to
>the command line with the help message and no errors.

This looks like an isql belonging to some other rdbms - is firebird the
only one you have installed?

Try going to the ../bin directory of your firebird installation and
invoking isql there.

$ .isql -user sysdba -password masterkey
(notice the initial period character to tell the shell to run the program
from the current directory...)

should give you

Use CONNECT or CREATE to specify a database

>4. I searched for the libcrypt library and found the following files:
> /lib
> /lib
> /lib
> /usr/lib

I'm not certain that you actually need libcrypt for Firebird. You do need
it for applications compiled in Kylix, though. IB Access is such a
one. Its installation should have written a symbolic link into /usr/lib
pointing to the real shared lib that it wants to use, i.e. there should be
a symlink entry /usr/lib/ Can't be sure about this in your
case, though, since every Linux seems to do this in its own way.

>5. In ibaccess when it asks for the server name I type "localhost" or
>should I type "localhost.localdomain"?

localhost alone should do it.

>Well, I have still not been able to get IBAccess or ISQL to work. Any

For now, stick with getting isql to work. If you don't have the
OpGuide.pdf or the IBPhoenix "Using Firebird" manual (on their CD), then
now would be a good time to get it - for instructions on using isql.

I don't know what other problems you might encounter with IBAccess, since
it uses Borland's InterBaseXpress which (depending on the version used to
compile your binary) may have problems with some SQL operations in Firebird.