Subject Re: [ib-support] Installation problems in Firebird for Linux
Author William L. Thomson Jr.

On Sat, 2002-12-14 at 08:15, Sujan Sreenath wrote:
> Hello Everybody.
> I have been using Firebird v1.0 for Windows and now just installed
> Firebird v1.0 for Linux on Mandrake v8.0. I am new to Linux and am
> facing some problems.
> It has been installed in /opt/interbase
> How do I check if Firebird is running?

From command line type ps xa


ps xa | grep ib

> In the process manager there are three entries for
> /opt/interbae/bin/ibserver and also one entry for
> /opt/interbase/bin/ibguard -f
> what does all this mean???

It means that the guardian process and server are up and running.

> I tried to use ISQL to connect to the
> /opt/interbase/examples/employee.gdb but it does not work.
> ISQL command line options are DSN [UID] [PWD] [options]
> but when I type: " isql /opt/interbase/examples/employee.gdb -user
> sysdba -password masterkey" nothing happens.

What nothing happens? Do you get a

Do you get a command not found.

Nothing does not seem valid?

> Next I tried to see if I can connect to Firebird using a graphical
> interface. I downloaded IBAccess for Linux from It
> got installed in /home/sujan/ibaccess. To run it I typed at the
> terminal screen: "bash" which opens the GUI

Good, my favorite one in Linux. But if you install Wine, you can also
use IBConsole, IBOConsole, and ZDE. They all work for me under Wine in
Linux. Some are a little quirky, but usable.

> In the GUI when I try to connect to the employee.gdb it terminates
> with the following message: "./ibaccess: error while loading shared
> libraries: /usr/lib/ symbol: crypt"

Answered in another email. You may check to see if you have it though.
When installing and running Firebird/InterBase I have had to make
symbolic links to the correct version of the library I have installed.


if it looks for, you may have,
so link 2 to 1.

Although I do not remember that being the case with libcrypt, I do
remember it being the case for anther .so. Although I seem to remember
it keeping me from being able to start Firebird/InterBase all together.
So you may not run into that one.

> I checked up that /usr/lib/ points to
> /opt/interbase/lib/ All the files are owned by root. I
> have logged in as "root" would that create a problem?

From a security stand point yes. See the other post for suggestions,
instead of me making the same twice.

> Please help. I am not able to use Firebird at all. I am planning on
> developing project using Firebird. But right now I cannot even
> connect to a database!!!

I am curious to know what someone else asked. What happens when you
telnet to port 3050 on the box?

Provide more info and I will see what I can do to assist.

From my experience installing and getting Firebird/InterBase up and
running on Linux is straight forward and painless. So I am not sure why
you are having problems?

> P.S. When I use a "ls -l" command some files have a * mark at the
> end of the filename. What does that mean?

That must be a mod for your distro of Linux. I saw someone attached a
man explanation, but I always use ls -l and I have never seen any * so
far in RedHat distro. At least not by default?

I believe there is a shell completion package that is standard with
other distro's and RedHat leaves it out.

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