Subject Re: [ib-support] Installation problems in Firebird for Linux
On 14 Dec 2002 at 16:15, Sujan Sreenath sujan420@HotPO wrote:

> Hello Everybody.
> I have been using Firebird v1.0 for Windows and now just installed
> Firebird v1.0 for Linux on Mandrake v8.0. I am new to Linux and am
> facing some problems.
> It has been installed in /opt/interbase
> How do I check if Firebird is running?

Try to telnet to port 3050, if the servers running you should get a response.

> In the process manager there are three entries for
> /opt/interbae/bin/ibserver and also one entry for
> /opt/interbase/bin/ibguard -f
> what does all this mean???

Ibguard is the guardian, if the server dies, the guardian will restart it, this is handy if
the server dies when nobody is around to restart it.

> I tried to use ISQL to connect to the
> /opt/interbase/examples/employee.gdb but it does not work.
> ISQL command line options are DSN [UID] [PWD] [options]
> but when I type: " isql /opt/interbase/examples/employee.gdb -user
> sysdba -password masterkey" nothing happens.
> Next I tried to see if I can connect to Firebird using a graphical
> interface. I downloaded IBAccess for Linux from It
> got installed in /home/sujan/ibaccess. To run it I typed at the
> terminal screen: "bash" which opens the GUI
> In the GUI when I try to connect to the employee.gdb it terminates
> with the following message: "./ibaccess: error while loading shared
> libraries: /usr/lib/ symbol: crypt"

The crypt library is not installed, it used to be that, this was done because it was
illegal for US companies to export encryption software so they didn't include it non
US versions, some didn't include it at all for fear the software would be exported.
Try looking on the installation CD for a crypt RPM, if you can't find one, look on the
internet for the source and build your own copy.

> I checked up that /usr/lib/ points to
> /opt/interbase/lib/ All the files are owned by root. I
> have logged in as "root" would that create a problem?

Nope, but you may want to create a new user called firebird, make sure that in the
passwd file the password is * so that nobody can login as firebird -- ever. Run the
change user script in the interbase/bin directory and change the owner to firebird.
This will enhance your security.

> Please help. I am not able to use Firebird at all. I am planning on
> developing project using Firebird. But right now I cannot even connect
> to a database!!!

I suspect once crypt is available, your problems will go away....

> P.S. When I use a "ls -l" command some files have a * mark at the end
> of the filename. What does that mean?

I'm not sure, I used to know, years ago, but can't recall at the moment....