Subject RE: [ib-support] Ib faster than FB for inserting blob ?
Author Leyne, Sean

> someone in France made a test inserting a large amount of
> blob (jpeg size of 100 ko to 1Mo)
> with FB 1.0 (796-win32) an Ib 6.01
> with about 30000 insert this take 2h30 with FB and 1h30 with IB
> (test made with Delphi TIBsql)
> any comment or explanation ?

Did the test involve creating the database from scratch?

If so, IB does not set ForceWrites = True by default. Whereas, FB does.
Setting ForceWrite = True make for a completely reliable db.

This would more that explain the timing differences.

All things being equal, FB v1.0 and IB v6.0 should perform exactly the
same. FB v1.0 just has a lot fewer bugs/crashes than IB 6.x