Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird Superserver on Linux
Author Pavel Cisar

On 13 Dec 2002 at 12:29, Marcin Bury wrote:

> I have FB 1 SS installed on linux box (RH 7.2). I've read somewhere that
> I'll be able to see only one process of ibserver. Now I have 8 of them. The
> database is pretty complex, so each visible process takes 47Megs of server
> memory. I assume that metadata was loaded 8 times. I switched to SS from
> Clasic to avoid huge memory usage for metadata puproses.
> I'm not a Linux guy, so can someone explain what's going on?

You were probably fooled by linux tools :-) because many of them (ps for
example) reports threads as processes (there is only a slick difference
between threads and processes on Linux), and you can distinguish them
only by certain parameters.

Believe, there is only one process in SS whatever your tools say.

Best regards
Pavel Cisar
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