Subject Re[2]: [ib-support] FB1.0 Problem with updates ? Database-file keeps on growing without adding reco
Author Zdeno Jasek
Hello, Helen,

thanks for your explaining - it was very helpful for me.


> At 10:08 PM 10-12-02 +0100, Zdeno wrote:
>>Hello, luc_decaluwe,
>>Interbase has a multigeneration architecture - it means, there is no
>>difference between update and insert (old data are NOT deleted).

> This isn't what multi-generational architecture means.  MGA means that the
> database engine creates a new version of a record when a transaction
> requests an update or an insert.

> However, MGA requires a housecleaning process to clear space occupied by
> obsolete record versions.  That is what the garbage collection process is for.

> If the new record version is committed (made permanent in the database),
> the old versions of those records, along with record versions made obsolete
> by deletion, become candidates for garbage collection.  Garbage collection
> runs as a background thread whenever the database is active.  Provided
> garbage collection is not inhibited by careless transaction control in
> client applications, these spaces are constantly being cleared and made
> available for re-use.

> Note that the background garbage collection is not dependent on any
> sweeping that is set up.

> heLen

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