Subject Re: [ib-support] fb1 - grants "inactive" after gbak/restore ?
Author Alexander Marx
hello sean,

Leyne, Sean wrote:
> Alexander,
> Where did you get the v1.0 CS with 64 bit I/O?
it's a debian package. (from the -testing tree)
its based upon version; the debian bug-database
does not list any known issues w/ the CS 64bit version.

> All v1.0 Linux builds with 64 Bit I/O where withdrawn due to issues with
> the I/O routines.


now that you say. i see that only a superserver version
w/ 64bit is available for linux ..

do you have an url or somthing regarding these issues?

i did'nt see any errors so far, although the database is used
pretty heavy .. but i guess better safe than sorry

i'll try to split our databases and "downgrade" to the 32bit version.

> The upcoming v1.0.2 update fixes those problems are some others.
> Sean