Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: time series and FB/IB
Author Nando Dessena

> > > If your client/boss tells you that
> > > the next update of WardrobeManager.exe should allow multiple shirts,
> > > you will need to do a lot of changes on your DB to allow it, if you
> > > used a generated key that has no business meaning, the change will be
> > > a lot easier
> >
> > A lot of changes?
> >
> > Drop PK & create index is the whole change.
> Unless you use that 'old' PK in any stored procedures, SQL in your app etc,
> which is common.

not to mention foreign keys and in general all kinds of cascading
There are numerous advantages in using object IDs even in relational
databases; literature on the subject is vast so I'm not going to waste
bandwidth repeating it - plus it would drift OT.

I have used logical keys in thee past (and still fighting with them):
been there, done that, came back home and swore to never ever do it
again. :-)