Subject RE: [ib-support] SuperServer and Multiprocessed Systems
Author Leyne, Sean
> Hi. Where I can find the wish list, or the next features list for
> Firebird?

The wish list is a little out of date (I've been meaning to update it),
but it can be found at

The feature list of the next release has yet been officially compiled,
it's very long though, but you can have a look at the Changes log, which
will give you a starting point. It's at

> I want to know if the next version will support
> more than one processor.

No and Yes ;-)

No, there has not been any specific effort to address the SMP issues,
that will be tackled in a latter release.

Yes, there are 2 changes in the upcoming release which _improve_ the

The first is, Alex P. has made a number of changes to the code to
improve the thread scheduling logic, this should make the code more
responsive to other requests.

The second is that Win32 build of Classic server are available. The
Classic server implementation is by design SMP 'friendly'.

Sean Leyne

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