Subject Re: FB1.0 Problem with updates ? Database-file keeps on growing without adding reco
Author Sten Karlson <>
Hi, I had a similar problem last week but thanks to some superb
people here it is all solved now.

The problem was (for me at least) that I did COMMIT RETAINING
instead of COMMIT. I got an answer from Helen that explaind the

I include her answer bellow.

I hope this helps.

/Sten Karlson

>Hi and thanks every one. I think this kind of support is the best.
>The growing database was (of cause) due to my lack of skill in DB-
>programming. I did COMMIT RETAINING instead of COMMIT. But from what
>I understand this only stores some kind of Save Point and it does
>not a real COMMIT.

It's not a Savepoint (although Savepoints *are* coming in Fb 2). It
is a
full (irreversible) Commit but, instead of closing the cursors
with the transaction, it keeps them open for the new transaction.
everything to do with the original transaction and each new one that
started after Commit with Retain, using the same cursors, remains
interesting and therefore unavailable for garbage collection.