Subject Re: time series and FB/IB
Author honza_pom <>
Hi all,

I am talking about aprox. 350 000 000 values (1 per minute per
series), which I managed to store in aprox. 10 000 000 rows ( 30
minutes in 1 row ). Now the main data table structure is:

where_id integer,
what_id integer,
year integer,
month integer,
day integer,
hour integer,
halfhour integer, // (0 or 30)
val00 double,
val01 double,
val29 double

where "where" and "what" have foreign key to another tables.

Another thing I should mention is that we are storing more types
of series:

Data measured every minute,
Data measured (or computed from series above) every 30 minutes ,
Data measured (or computed from series above) every day.

The tables for other series types have similar structure.

We have to add new type of series ( Data measured or computed every
hour), so I am thinking of how to improve our database structure:
1. I plan to create new table "series" containing
fields "series_id", "where" and "what" and use field "series_id" as
a part of data tables primary key.
2. Use timestamp instead fields "year" ... "halfhour".
I hope these changes can improve database performance, but I am not
still satisfied with the data part of tables.
I thought about using array fields to store more data in a row
(say 1440 minutes in case of first type of series), but I am not
able to access such fields from Delphi.
Usualy we insert data in a batch mode once a week.

Jan Pomahac

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> Hi Jan!
> No, I do not have any such experience, but you would be more
likely to get
> a reply if you specified huge. Approximately how many rows are we
> about, how many transactions/connections to insert them and will
it be an
> even load throughout the day?
> We all have different definitions of huge, what makes desktop
> cripple is not all that much in the world of c/s databases.
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> >Hi all,
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> >Does anyone have experience storing huge time series data into
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> >Jan Pomahac