Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird slows after some Hours with 40+ Users
Author Martijn Tonies

Can you list the database statistics? Especially transaction counter
information -
check the docs on how to do this or use your favourite GUI tool.

> we┬┤ve got an app that slows extremly down with 20+ Users, the app is
> g 24/7, peak we have 50+ Users. CPU-Usage grows ap. 100 times and request
> from 2 sec to 40-60 sec. We replaced all "edit" Transactions with
> les, but there are still some "readonly"-Transactions. Replacing them
would =
> blowup the Client. We are using Delphi6 with IBX. Between OIT and OAT are
> 15000 till 20000. The Server is a Dual-P3 600 MHz with 1 GB Ram with
> 0 Server, CPU-Affinity is set to 1.

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