Subject Re: [ib-support] Best way to connect to Firebird with PHP?
Author neuroticimbecile
On Monday 09 December 2002 19:12, Damian Dowling wrote:
> Hi all,
> PHP provides functions for Interbase 6.0, but there isn't any firebird
> specific functions in PHP. Does anyone here have experience using PHP with
> Firebird and if so what is the best way to connect to firebird using PHP?
> Regards
> Damian Dowling
> IT Manager
> Pallas Foods Ltd

Hi There Damian,

I'm currently working on a web-based app using PHP with Firebird. I've done
several PHP programs in the past with different back-end databases and I've
grown tired of having to go back through most of the code when we need to
switch from one database to another (e.g. from MySQL to PostgreSQL to
Firebird). So now we use a database abstraction layer so we'll only need to
change a few lines (or none at all, in the case in the program to make it use
another database.

There are at least two DAL's for PHP which are available for free:



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