Subject Re: [ib-support] Interbase memory usage problem
Author Aage Johansen
Johannes wrote:
I have this problem that interbase uses more and more memory until 250 MB
to 300 MB then we need to reboot as it gets to slow. There is a permanent
remote connection and about 6 local client connections. I also noticed that
Interbase 5.0 is still on the system and Interbase 5.6 was Installed over it.

1. Does the permanent remote connection keep an open transaction, without
ever committing? If so, this needs to be changed.

2. Maybe installing IB/5.6 on top of IB/5.0 was successful, but do check
the versions of the server and the client s/w (gds32.dll). Of IB/5.x's,
only IB/5.6 is to be used. If things aren't ok, then remove IB/5.6 and
IB/5.0, and then reinstall IB/5.6 (or newer). Do check that you gds32.dll
is the only one on the system, and that it is the correct version.

Aage J.