Subject Re: [ib-support] triggers, referential integrity actions and constraints execution order
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 12:20 AM 12/9/2002 -0300, IBUNC wrote:

>We are investigating on execution order of the triggers, referential
>integrity actions and constraints in face of a statement posted to the

User "before action" triggers are executed in the order specified.
If the before action triggers insert, update, or delete data, the
before action triggers, constraints, and after action triggers for
those changes are executed as the changes are made. Constraints
are executed next in an arbitrary order. Finally, the after action
triggers are executed in the order specified.

>SQL99 spec says that exec order must be

We do not follow the SQL99 spec and are unlikely to do so. The
spec attempts to define a constant state within an action and
eliminates many actions that Firebird allows.


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