Subject RE: [ib-support] Can I reduce the size of primary log file ?
Author Wilson, Fred
Why would you, or anyone, think that you could get support for a Microsoft
product, from a completely un-releated source ??
I'll e-mail you some Jeep support list, and you could ask your question over
there. Makes about as much sense.
Maybe better yet, I'll give you some Firebird support issues that you could
ask Microsoft about. According to your statement below, Microsoft should be
able to help with Firebird issues better than the "open source" Firebird
group, right ??

Best regards,
Fred Wilson
SE, Bell & Howell

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Subject: Re: [ib-support] Can I reduce the size of primary log file ?

Well, it seems Microsoft has a statement saying Open source is not as good
supported as their products :)

Sorry for being totally off-topic.


> Hi,
> I have created one Database in SQL Server 2000. Data file and log file
> properties are set to auto grow. Now my log file size exceeds 2GB and I
> to reduce the size of log file alone. Please assist me in this regard
> Regards

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