Subject Re: [ib-support] Best way to connect to Firebird with PHP?
Author Milan Babuskov
Damian Dowling wrote:
> PHP provides functions for Interbase 6.0, but there isn't any firebird
> specific functions in PHP. Does anyone here have experience using PHP
> with Firebird and if so what is the best way to connect to firebird
> using PHP?

AFAIK, there's nothing diferent between Firebird and InterBase in what those
functions do, so you can use those ibase_* functions without any problems. I
have few working web aplications that use Firebird + PHP + Apache without
any problems so far, with all those ibase_* functions working properly.

I only encountered one problem: when I run php script from shell... and if
the script uses interbase functions, then I always get segmentation fault
(and a core dump) at the end of execution... very strange. When running
through Apache, everything seems to be ok.


Milan Babuskov