Subject Re: How to decide when a new secondary file is required
Author gkrishna63 <>
--- In, "Ivan Prenosil" <prenosil@m...>
> You can either use different algorithm for deciding when to add new
file (*),
> or just use single database file (what platform do you use ?).
> (*) It is better to have at least one additional secondary file,
> otherwise you could miss the right point for adding next file
> when using 2GB files. E.g. if you have files
> db.fbd, db.fb2, db.fb3
> you can add new file (db.fb4) when FB starts to fill the file
> Ivan

Sorry for long gap, but was down with flu.
I am shipping a product with FB so i want to automate this process.

Could be win2K or Linux (occasionally though we strongly recommend
against it Win 98)

So I want to follow the algorithm that you have suggested and i have
chosen 2 DB files. But I wantto be able to detect programatically
when the extra secondary file is being used so that I can add one
more secondary file. I want to do it using databaseinfo etc. because
the i may not have access to the file system.
I want this entire process to be transperant to the user.