Subject Re: [ib-support] Which character set/collation orders for English*4, French*2,German,Dutch, ...
Author Arno Brinkman

> I want to avoid having a 2nd field for case-insensitve searches and also
> 'dBase' to appear with 'DBASE' when ORDERed on the field.
> The primary language will be Australian English, then Canadian English and
> French, NZ English, UK English, French, German, Dutch and other
> languages.
> Which character set should I use and which collation orders?
> With these collation orders, if a field has a UNIQUE constraint on it,
> 'dBase' and 'DBASE' be permitted or would they be treated as equal and the
> attempt at entry cause an exception?

With ISO8859_1 and EN_US, DU_NL you have at least an case-insensitive order.
You can use CONTANING for searches which is always case-insensitive.
If you want to use indices with comparisons take a look at :
for another characterset / collation.