Subject Re: [ib-support] Deadlocks - How to optimize (Previous Deadlock urgent)
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Try to set the DEADLOCK_TIMEOUT parameter in the IBConfig file.


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JP> FIRSTLY - Thanks to Everybody that helped with the previous problem as it
JP> seems to be solved now.

JP> I now have a question on how to optimize the deadlocks that occur in the
JP> following sense.

JP> A) How can I make Interbase wait longer or the BDE for the update that is
JP> hanging the locking the record.
JP> |
JP> + - - I want the one that is going to get the deadlock not to get it
JP> IMMEDIATELY but wait for about 10 seconds to see if it can get access ??

JP> Thanks in Advance
JP> Johannes Pretorius

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