Subject Re: RE : [ib-support] What does GDB stand for?
Author David Garamond
btw, i just love the firebird community/developers' decision to start
using the ".fdb" extension for databases. maybe not all historical
references should be removed/renamed (like the isc_*() API functions)
but particularly filename extensions should be self-describing/

btw, i hope the "isc4.gdb" will also be renamed someday to something
more descriptive like "security.fdb", "firebird.fdb", or something like


Joseph Osende wrote:
> Hi, Martijn !
>>From Marco Cantu’s excellent ouvrage « MAstering Delphi 6 »,
> “Jim Starkey wrote Interbase for his own Groton Database Systems company
> (hence the .gds extension still in use for interbase files) ….”