Subject Re: [ib-support] gbak issue
Author Sudheer Palaparambil

I have got the same error message on standalone
Win98 when the server is not running in the back


--- Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:

At 11:44 PM 02-12-02 +0000, you wrote:<BR>
>I'm having a funny issue with gbak.<BR>
>When I try and backup a database I get the
>gbak: ERROR: unavailable database<BR>
>gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors<BR>
>However the database defintely exists and is
available (I can<BR>
>connect to it via ibconsole).<BR>
>Command line is as follows:<BR>
>"c:\program files\firebird\bin\gbak"
>backup "d:\database\marketinfo.gdb"
"d:\dbbackup\marketinfo.gbk" -<BR>
>user sysdba -password masterkey<BR>
>I can't understand why it won't work. Has anyone
got any ideas?<BR>
>I'm using Firebird 1.0<BR>
I've just performed a backup using your exact syntax
here, on a NT4 SP 6a <BR>
server, no problems.  I'm logged in as
Administrator and I'm not connected <BR>
to the database with any other application (such as
I don't know the answer;  but if you are
connected with ibconsole, perform <BR>
an explicit disconnect and exit from the program
before attempting your <BR>
gbak.  It's possible that ibconsole is already
connected using a different <BR>
path string format, which will cause any other
connection to find an <BR>
unavailable database if its connection string format
is not the same.<BR>


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