Subject Re: [ib-support] Local IB Server to Firebird
Author Pete Clark
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Doug Chamberlin <yahoogroups@...> writes
>At 12/01/2002 11:55 AM (Sunday), you wrote:
>>I am currently using the stand alone IB version supplied with Delphi 5.
>>This is local interbase, only accessible from the local computer.
>>If I install Firebird (which worked just *too* nicely with my Interbase
>>files on my test computer), then will this be networkable - i.e., will I
>>be able to access files from other computers, or is it still "local"?
>Local Interbase cannot serve to other machines (clients). It can only serve
>to the local machine. Firebird can serve to other machines as well as the
>local machine.
>Your "access files from other computers" is ambiguous and sounds like you
>don't understand client/server databases. Firebird, like Interbase, needs
>the databases located on the same machine as the server. However, other
>client machines can access data from Firebird databases located on the
>Firebird server.
>Does that clarify it?

Yes. I have done a great deal of work with client server, but since
"local Interbase" is still CS, but only on one computer, I was trying to
make it clear what the question was. Your answer - other computers can
access the data files on the server - was what I was looking for.

Pete Clark