Subject Disapointed (was: Writing UDF for Linux)
Author Milan Babuskov
Hi all,

I've been using Firebird and reading this list for several months
now, and just can't believe that noone had any hint, idea or
whatsoever regarding my question. I've seen questions with less data
in them, and someone always answered at least with RTFM, but my post
got zero replies so far.


P.S. Sorry for top posting, I just put the original post below if
someone might be interested. I'd also like to add that I read the
Dev. Guide, but didn't find anything that could resolve my problem.

--- In ib-support@y..., "Milan Babuskov" <milanb@Y...> wrote:
> I'm trying to learn how to write UDF funcions for Linux, but fail at
> first steps. I read this document on ibphoenix:
> And followed the instructions from the example. Compiling the file
> went ok:
> gcc -c -O -fpic -fwritable-strings modulo.c
> ld -G modulo.o -lm -lc -o
> cp /opt/interbase/UDF
> I run RH7, and the Firebird is installed in /opt/interbase, which
> has
> UDF directory with all letters uppercase, so I copied the .so file
> there. (Later I thought this may be the problem, and I copied
the .so
> file to lib also, and also created udf directory (lowercase) and
> one copy there also)
> Then I declared the udf with the query from article:
> declare external function f_Modulo
> integer, integer
> returns
> integer by value
> entry_point 'modulo' module_name 'modulo';
> commit;
> So far, so good. But when I try:
> select f_Modulo(3, 2) from rdb$database;
> I get:
> Invalid request BLR at offset 60
> function F_MODULO is not defined
> module name or entry point could not be found
> I also tried renaming file to modulo (without extension), but it
> didn't work. What am I doing wrong here? Is there a way to check
> the database looks for .so file?
> Milan.