Subject Re: [ib-support] interbase driver problem
Author Thomas Miller
What version of Delphi?
If you are targeting only FB, why not use IB Objects?
If not, why not use dbExpress?

janout2003 wrote:

>I have made a Delphi test-application using AdoComponents, an
>Interbase-database and the intersolv odbc driver(as supplied with the
>firebird-version of interbase). It works fine on my development-
>machine(WindowsXP), but when I transfer it to a computer at my school
>(Windows98), I get the message: "Optional feature not implemented".
>Subsequently the application opens 'fine' but I cannot load the
>In my test-application I set the connectionstring for the
>AdoConnection-component programmatically, i.e. I use the Opendialog
>to insert the path and name of the database.
>It may well be that the intersolv odbc driver for interbase is not
>the best solution and that other drivers are available that I do not
>know about (I am definitely an amateur). In the near future I want to
>convert this test-application into a Midas Client/server program
>using a Socketconnection and the Borland Socketserver.
>Can anybody help?
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