Subject Re: [ib-support] Foreign key problems
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
<douglasht@...> wrote in message news:9mlq38+klpe@......
> Hi there,
> I'm having problems creating foreign keys in firebird beta2
> on an
> NT4 SP5 Workstation box. Below is a small script that hopefully
> reproduces
> the behavior.


> Unsuccessful metadata update
> action cancelled by trigger (1) to preserve data integrity
> Name of Referential Constraint not defined in constraints table

Did you try the same statement with an earlier release? I think it's old
news. This bug comes from a system trigger. I don't know why it has the
logic it has, but it causes these kinds of problems. I would like to change
it in the future. It's part of the whole effort that was done to auto-create
indices for FKs.
I used not only the latest FB I compiled a couple of minutes ago but the old
IB6 before the backdoor fix (v6.0.0.627). The problem is the same. Go to IB5
and you'll see the same. Go to IB4 and you'll see the same. Sorry.

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