Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Disappointed in Interbase (long)
Author Louis van Alphen
Markus, thanks for the reply, as I said in another reply, we are developing
on a copy of the live DB and scripting out when we are done. We first test
the scripts against a fresh copy of the live DB and only then scripting
into the live DB.

There is NO WAY that I will allow devlopment work on the live DB. Our
customer , as a world leader has process information and stats built up
over the years in his DB that competitors will kill for. If there is one
area where I make sure, again and again, it will be before I script into
the live DB with no clients connected. I always also backup & restore
before and after the scripting.

>If I understand your situation, I think your
>largest problem is that you are developing new
>technology against your production database.

>% snip