Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: New Firebird Release 1.0.0 Beta2 Available
Author Leyne, Sean

Yes, we are getting a little off-topic for this list -- I can feeling
Helen B's breath on our backs right now...

> Yeah, the windows guy takes a dead machine, inserts the Windows
> install disk, and reloads everything, which is okay for the OS, and
> maybe the apps, but what about the data? It possible under Linux to
> boot a Linux on a floppy, mount the root filesystem to that floppy
> and at least recover the data, providing the partitions are okay..

This is not true. You can do much the same thing with Windows -- boot
from floppy and recover data.

It does, however, take an experienced hand to create a boot disk which
has the correct CD-ROM driver, network card driver...