Subject Re: [ib-support] New Firebird Release 1.0.0 Beta2 Available
Author Paul Schmidt

On 21 Aug 2001, at 12:58, Tomas MichalĂ­k wrote:

> it failed here too, so I manually copied the appropriate file to
> /etc/rc.d/init.d and renamed it to 'firebird'.
> Then I found out that it needs libncurses.5.0 (FB 0.9.4 hasn't) which
> is not present at my RH6.2 so I have to upgrade ...

You have a few choices here, none of which involve upgrading your RH,
operating system upgrades are just great marketing ploys to sell the
same software over and over again to the same customer. I have had a
newer RH release sitting on my desk for over a month, because the RH
6.1 running on the server has been highly personalized, and it would
take longer to redo those changes then to simply upgrade a few
packages that have changed.

1) You can try and hunt down an RPM for the newer libncurses, and
simply upgrade this one library, try as a good start
they have just about every RPM that has ever been released.
Including some early RH stuff.

2) Go to and download a
copy of the latest ncurses (V5.2) compile your own new binary of that
package. Sometimes poaching an RPM from a newer RH release means
having to update 57 other things, none of which are really needed.

3) Grab the CVS tree for FB, and roll your own binary, this is not
for the faint of heart though, from what I understand it's a complex
beast to compile.


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Tricat Technologies
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