Subject RE: [ib-support] Single Processor
Author Mike Grover
Yes, I mean a record position during indexing.

But if the gdb file format doesn't store a record count, this
would be very difficult :-(

I have been playing with the rebuild.c file to see
how some of Interbase works...

You could add indexing progress to Feature Requests, but
but it may not be feasable.


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Sounds like you would fit right in...

By the way, you didn't respond to my questions:

> > A call back function to let users know Indexing Progress.
> This is much more difficult then it sounds. Unlike other RDBMS's
> Interbase/Firebird doesn't maintain a row count for a given
> data table.
> Accordingly, it would be very difficult to determine the % completed.
> Or did you mean something else?


> I can log your requests if you'd like?



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