Subject RE: [ib-support] Importing Records
Author Mike Grover
Ok, sorry, let me explain.

I get a 150 gig SDF file (fixed record width) file ever three months.

I was previuosly using Codebase 6.5 (xbase file format).
Codebase does not have any SQL support!

Right now I am importing records from a SDF file into a gdb file.

I started 3 hours ago and im at 21 million records of 110 million.

The I will create indexes.


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I'm a little confused... You asked about speeding up an import process,

If so, why would you be querying the external table (with 110 million

I would have expected you to import the data from a External file into a
normal database file and then create indexes, triggers, etc. to support
normal table operations.

Did I miss something along the way?


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