Subject Re: [ib-support] Interbase single user
Author Paul Reeves
Ochep wrote:
> I'm using D5 and Interbase 5.6.
> i want shutdown the database to single user mode, without server manager.
> but, make command in delphi programming.
> Could somebody help me out?

You need to look at the code for CreateProcess() and use it to make a
call to gfix -shut. (Check the actual gfix params you need.)

I can see two problems, however:

1/ Shutting down isn't always immediate, although gfix will return
2/ Shutting down only excludes non-SYSDBA connections. If a SYSDBA
connection already exists it will persist after the database shutdown.

Lastly, if you do shut the database down, don't forget to bring it back
on-line. It is easy to forget - especially as SYSDBA connections
continue to work!


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further