Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: --* Please Help*--- Database corruption and cannot backup & restore
Author Paul Schmidt

On 10 Aug 2001, at 0:38, Helen Borrie wrote:

> >In Unix it can be a lot easier to fix, because the system assigns
> >each file a serial number, the libc info page I got this from,
> >doesn't say anything about non-compliance, so I would assume only a
> >few really ancient oddball systems don't do this. So rather then
> >using the name, you grab the file attributes, and look at the serial
> >number, then use the serial numbers to do the comparision. This is
> >also quite a bit safer, since a file can go by several names.
> Paul,
> Won't the file number change if you gbak and restore?

I am not sure, it depends on how a particular file system handler
does the serial numbers, it would be safer for the engine, to assume
that it's different. It's only important, if your overwriting a
file, in that case nobody should be using the file anyway, so the
engine can obtain the old serial number, dereference it, delete the
file, create the new file, obtain it's serial number, and reference


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