Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: --* Please Help*--- Database corruption and cannot backup & restore
> Assuming you are refering to the database file being locked.
> Have you tried stopping/starting the IB/FB server, instead of rebooting?

No the comment was:-

> This would only happen on Win9x/Me machines; I don't think it's possible
> with WinNT/2K to keep a file handle allocated by a dead process.

That is it was suggested that W2k does not hold files locked after a process
I would suggest that W2k is just as likely to have files unavailable after a
crash as Win9x. IB6 AT PRESENT drops the file quite happily at a crash -
Builder5 which locks the files leaves them locked after a crash, and only a
re-boot will free them. Exclusive access to the GDB may be more of a problem
than the current arrangement.

If exclusive locking is added to Firebird - I will not be up-issuing !!!!

Please make sure changes are not backwards steps. The current setup of IB6
works nicely what ever Windows throws at it. Where as no 5.x version ever

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services