Subject Re: [ib-support] --* Please Help*--- Database corruption and cannot backup & restore
Author Louis van Alphen
>Do you have DDL Scripts and backups? the source/ compiled objects for
>your stored pieces?
>Without the ability to rebuild your database afresh, you are probably
>going to need Ann Harrison and her Magic Toolbox.

Helen, thanks for the reply....

I have DDL scripts and SP sources, but a lot of the application is actual
data including blobs, which is a problem. We have fixed a few things and
could do a backup & restore, but still get an abnormal server termination
with the problem being the old 'gds consistency check' problem due to
'decompression overran buffer (179)'.

The cause of this error is given as the possible incompatibilities of file
systems. However, we have only transported on Windows platforms. Should
this be the problem? We have a mixture of Win98SE, Win2K Beta and NT4 SP6.

How do we fix the above error? I suppose do a transportable backup on the
actual server and a restore?

Or is there something in Ann Magic Toolbox that could help? 8-)

Any help is deeply appreciated.


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